5 Beautiful Jungle Lodges Bali

The paradise island of Bali is undoubtedly a veritable wonderland! It graciously offers many breathtaking experiences to visiting tourists from all over the world. Stunning beaches, mountains, lush green forests, active volcanoes, ancient temples and luxurious stay all form a part of the Bali’s bucket list of experiences. Newlyweds and Honeymoon couples equally love this island as they find some incredible places to stay at the backdrop of nature. Ubud is the prime location in Bali famous for this green environment. Many tourists prefer staying in Ubud as there are so many five-star hotels and Jungle Lodges with a beautiful natural background. But, why jungle lodges are popular in Bali?

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Jungle Resort Hanging Gardens of Bali Ubud Indonesia

Why the Jungle Lodges are popular in Bali?

The Jungle Lodges in Bali are extremely popular as they are featured with ultramodern amenities like pools, spas, massage centres, etc. Moreover, you experience the breathtaking greenery and nature closely as they are surrounded by lush green forests. Some of these jungle lodges also offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding green valley. Shortlisting the best Jungle lodges to stay in Bali remains a daunting task. If you are visiting Bali and decided to feel nature closely staying in any of the jungle lodges, stick to this list for the 5 Beautiful Jungle Lodges Bali. Let us know more about these amazing lodges in Bali offering a unique staying experience and sparking your holidays with romance.

But before we jump into discussing the luxurious staying options in Bali, do you know why millions of tourists chose Bali as their preferred holiday destination? Why this Southeast Asian island situated inside the Ring of Pacific fire attracts each year over five million visitors?

  • Bali is the most popular habited island among the entire 17,000 island which makes the Indonesian Archipelago.
  • Bali is popular for its beaches and temples with equal stunning facts, as you find black sandy beaches and over 10,000 temples.
  • Ubud is famous for stunning greenery in addition to the active volcano, Mount Batur.
  • There is a unique forest, the Monkey Forest in Ubud where you find over 600 long-tailed Monkeys in their natural habitat.
  • In case you never heard about a special type of coffee (Kopi Luwak) produced from animal poop, find it over here in Bali.

Having said so, let us find more about the beautiful jungle lodges that gives you the ultimate luxury staying experience.


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Top 5 Beautiful Jungle Lodges Bali

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Four Season Luxury Resort Ubud Bali Indonesia

The Four Seasons Resort Bali is a five-star property offering a unique staying experience. The property is popular among the newlyweds and honeymooners. It is located in Ubud surrounded by tropical lush green rain forest with absolute greenery. This property is also famous as the famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts once stayed here while filming one of her famous movies Eat, Pray, Love. This luxury property has over sixty rooms offering exceptional hospitality service. The hotel atmosphere is electrifying with the stunning surrounding beauty. There is a beautiful roof-top pool perfect for honeymoon couples to spend private moments together taking memorable photographs. The atmosphere gets more romantic when you enjoy the floating dinner set on the pool. The property has one-bedroom villas with private pool access and suite rooms offering a luxurious stay. 

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $476

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COMO Shambhala Estate

This ultra-modern high-end luxury property is located on the edge of a cliff along the Ayung River. The entire property has stunning natural beauty surrounded by complete greenery. You find natural hot spring water where you can take dip for a health spa retreat. This amazing property has thirty villas with stone walls and thatched roofs surrounded by gardens. The villas are equipped with all ultra-modern amenities and offer personalized butler service. Moreover, you have opportunity to take part in the yoga programs and get rejuvenated. The hotel features Garden rooms, Terrace Suite and Combo Suite with Jacuzzi and private infinity pool access. There cannot be a better place than this hotel to spend private time with you loved ones.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $700

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Royal Pita Maha

The Royal Pita Maha Resort Ubud Bali Indonesia

Royal Pita Maha is a legendary property located in Ubud. The resort is built in classic Balinese style architecture surrounded by a breath-taking green oasis. Inside the property you find many private pool villas offering a luxurious stay with absolute privacy. From the resort, you get breathtaking views of the panoramic scenic beauty. There is a restaurant set by the main poolside from where the views are absolutely breathtaking. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities, free wifi and spa.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $500

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Hanging Gardens of Bali

Jungle Lodge Hanging Gardens of Bali

Hanging Gardens of Bali is one of the most romantic hotels to stay in Ubud during your Bali holidays. It is located right in the heart of the Jungle. This is not only a 5-star luxurious resort but often called the hidden gem of Ubud because of the unparalleled beauty. The property has over 44 suits rooms and pool villas giving you private space to enjoy romantic days with your beloved. The villas are further designed in traditional Balinese thatched roof style. The Twin-Tiered Cascading Pool of this resort is one of the best infinity pools in Bali.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $670

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Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Mandapa Luxury Resort, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Bai Indonesia

Ritz-Carlton Reserve is one of the most prestigious properties to stay in Bali. This luxurious resort is located in the middle of the rice field surrounded by stunning greenery and rainforest views. The resort has 35 suite rooms and 25 private pool villas with spas and fitness centre. This resort is also classified as another hidden gem of Bali offering one of the best luxurious holiday experiences.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $606

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Final Verdict

Ubud is surrounded by complete greenery with many tourist attractions like the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Mount Batur, etc. Staying in a property amidst of these natural landscapes offers some unique experience which goes beyond imagination. Stay in any of these 5 Beautiful Jungle Lodges once you travel to Bali and get some unique experience beyond imagination.

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