5 Stunning Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka

When you are looking for luxury in a tropical climate, Sri Lanka does not disappoint. The unique landscapes and cultures of this Indian island will engulf you as much as they will inspire you. Sri Lanka is a luxury destination, where elephants will greet you, the beaches are stunning, and the food is exotic and spicy. Located off the southern coast of India, the people are kind and warm – eager to proudly show you their home. With a total of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the pearl of the Indian Ocean knows how to impress. The clear blue waters offer a wide array of water activities – surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and water skiing. Along with the impressive beaches are wide open green plains teeming with tea plantations, mountains and tropical jungles. For such a small island, Sri Lanka is incredibly diverse.

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Now, more than ever, is a good time to visit Sri Lanka in style.

Fun Facts about Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cinnamon. The enticing smell can be experienced wafting out of many cafes all around the island.
  • Similarly, Sri Lanka is the 4th largest tea producer, and 3rd largest exporter. China, India and Kenya produce more tea. (Lipton tea was founded in Sri Lanka.)
  • The oldest known living tree planted by man is here. Located in Anuradhapura, the tree known as Sri Maha Bodhi has been lovingly tended to for over 2,000 years, and is the tree under which (it is said) that Buddha found enlightenment.
  • Sri Lanka had once been one of the most malaria-infected areas in the 20-century. But since 2016, the World Health Organization has declared the island malaria-free, thanks to the country Anti Malaria Campaign.

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The tropical climate just invites one to live the high life. It wasn’t easy – there are so many fabulous luxury accommodations in Sri Lanka, but we have whittled them down to the best of the best.

Which are the Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka?

Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort and Spa

Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort and Spa​ Sri Lanka

On the pristine southern coast of Sri Lanka lies a beautiful resort along the ancient Spice Route. Ambalantota is a town steeped in rich history, and the resort is known for its natural beauty and wildlife – visitors can explore Asia’s most fascinating nature sanctuaries in the way of Yala and Bundala National Parks. Spanning 53 hectares, the Hambantota Resort is the largest on the island. With 300 rooms, 21 suites, everything is surrounded by incredible gardens. There is also an 18-hole golf course along with the spa, and an artisan village showcasing local artists and craft makers. Adventurers will appreciate the resort, with several activities and unique, curated expeditions designed to explore the diversity of Sri Lanka.

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Chena Huts

Chena Huts​ Sri Lanka

Set right in the middle of Yala National Park’s safari country, there is no better spot in Sri Lanka for epic wildlife viewing. Unlike the modest name suggests, the accommodations here are extremely luxurious. One will find private pavilions with cathedral-domed, palm-thatched ceilings featuring plush beds made of wood, your own personal plunge pool, and such modern accoutrements as motion-sensor lanterns. The stylish huts are elevated above ground and linked by boardwalks so that the local wild residents can move around uninhibited. To make things even more idyllic, the property boasts an organic pool and waterfall, a gourmet restaurant on the beach, and top-tier guides that will introduce you to your native wildlife adventure. Privacy is virtually guaranteed, with just 14 huts arranged amidst seven acres.

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Amanwella Tangalle Sri Lanka

There can be no doubt that this is one of the most stunningly beautiful beach retreats in the whole of Asia. Located on the south coast near the fishing town of Tangalle, Amanwalla rests in 37 acres of coconut trees, alongside a perfect crescent of sun-kissed ivory sand. In Sanskrit, Amanwalla is a combination of the words aman, meaning “peace, and wella, meaning beach in Sinhalese. Using modern design and indigenous materials, famed Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa and his clean-angled style was the inspiration here for the construction of the guest suites, which open on two sides to private plunge pools and large terraces over- looking the sea. Guests indulge themselves with nearby tea plantation visits, temple visits and scenic treks. This is Sri Lanka at its most authentic. The most talked about feature of Amanwalla, however, is the 150-foot-long swimming pool overlooking the beach.

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Santini Resort & Spa

The name comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “in harmony with”, and is the island’s only purpose-built wellness resort. Their mantra is the sincere belief that sustainable wellness starts with bringing oneself into balance with nature and also with receiving nurture from oneself and others. This minimalist secluded resort’s purpose is simple: to get you unstuck. It is a restorative destination spa perfect for getting you back on track. Their 18 rooms are built to have natural ventilation and are air-condition free. The contemporary dwellings are based on the concept of “ambalama” – the Sri Lankan word for “place of rest.” The minimalist design is free from distractions, allowing one’s mind to focus solely on slowing down. Guests can freely roam the property which is near the Hulu River, practicing yoga or meditating.

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Wild Coast Tented Lodge

Wild Coast Tented Lodge​

The latest offering from Ceylon is adjacent to Yala National Park, renowned for its dense leopard population. Wild Coast is a luxury tented camp in a stunning location where thick jungle meets pristine shoreline and the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This is glamping at its very best. Twenty-eight tented accommodations, constructed by carefully selected natural materials, blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Probably the most notable feature of the lodge is its layout – cleverly designed in the shape of a leopard’s paw print. A humble homage to the island’s most famous residents. The open-air dining pavilion, constructed in bamboo, was designed to emulate the boulders scattered across the nearby beach and wraps around a free-form swimming pool.

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Final Verdict

With all of the lush jungle, incredible wildlife and beaches galore, it comes as no surprise that Sri Lanka is a prime destination for taking a luxurious holiday. Staying in any one of these wholly unique properties will give you a romantic tropical experience you will savor and one that will entice you to return.

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