5 Best Party Hostels in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a spectacular beach destination and ranks among one of the most exciting cities to visit. The city is extremely beautiful with some picturesque natural setting that UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site. Rio de Janeiro has some breathtaking beaches, and it’s the birthplace of the famous Samba dance. It is a lively city full of dance, music and definitely a great place to party around. There are many hostels offering a comfortable stay with a party atmosphere. If you are visiting for ultimate fun and enjoyment, stay in these five best Party Hostels in Rio de Janeiro.

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But did you know?

  • Dated back in 1565 the Portuguese were the first who founded this city.
  • This city boasts to have on of the new seven wonders of the world, the statue of Christ, the Redeemer.
  • You find over here the world’s largest urban forest.
  • Rio is the birthplace of Samba dance.
  • You find the world’s oldest running electric tramway running in Rio.

Having said so, let us learn in details about the five best Party Hostels in Rio de Janeiro.

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Which are the best party hostels in Rio de janeiro?

Che Lagarto Hostel Ipanema

Che Lagarto Hostel Ipanema​

Rio de Janeiro is known as one of the world’s best party destination where people come to the party, dance and embrace the city’s vibrant culture. Che Lagarto Hostel Ipanema is probably the best party hotel in the city. This hostel is located close to the beach and also popular for beach parties. This hostel has nice rooms with storage spaces under the beds to keep your belongings safe and secure. You find multilingual staffs speaking Spanish, Portuguese and English which makes it even more convenient for the travellers. It is difficult to get this hostel during New Year or Carnival, so advance booking is advisable.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $25

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Walk on The Beach Hostel

Walk on The Beach Hostel​ Rio de Janeiro

Walk on The Beach Hostel offers an amazing ambience as its located very near to the beach. It is located in Copacabana, one of the popular areas in Rio de Janeiro. The entire area is surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafes and the beautiful Copacabana Beach. Both the indoor and the outdoor of the property has plenty of comfortable couches. This hostel has an on-site bar and cafes serving drinks and a great gathering joint for partying. You also get free WiFi during your stay in this hostel.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $18

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Books Hostel

Books Hostel​ Rio

Books Hostel is a nice place to stay and enjoy weekend street parties. This hostel is located in the cultural and historical surrounds of Lapa and makes to feel relaxed with its true family vibe. Lapa entertainment hub of the city with lively bars and many places to drink. The nearby attractions are at a short distance from the hostel. Rooms are comfortable and equipped with all modern amenities. The property arranges free trips to the beaches and also offers free WiFi access. Stay in this property and enjoy great time partying and relaxing.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $37

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Discovery Hostel

Discovery Hostel​ Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Discovery Hostel offers an amazing social atmosphere and gives the best home-stay experience in Rio. All the attractions are nearby, and you can easily hang around with other fellow travellers exploring the city. The property has a fully equipped kitchen, computer’s lounge, and reception. You also find a tourist information desk, TV area, bar, and patio area. The property has spacious air-conditioned rooms with customized beds, thick mattresses and big lockers. Breakfast and WiFi are provided for free during your stay.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $21

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Mambembe Hostel

Mambembe Hostel​ Party Hostel Rio

Mambembe Hostel is conveniently located right in the cultural neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. The property features one suite private room, and one twin private room as well as bed dorms. Inside the hostel premises, you find a fully equipped kitchen, reception and tourist information desk. Rooms are spacious and equipped with smart TV, bar, and outdoor relaxing areas. This hostel is just a five minutes walking distance from Lapa which is the famous area for legendary street parties. Breakfast and WiFi are provided for free during your stay.

Room Rent per Night: Starting from $12

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Final Verdict

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city and offers an amazing atmosphere to enjoy a relaxing holiday. It is best to stay in these selected hostels as they provide the best part atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro.

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