Top 9 Spectacular Treehouse Villas In Thailand

Thailand is truly the travel fulcrum of Southeast Asia. It’s famously known for its impressive limestone cliffs, dazzling coastline, gleaming ocean waters, opulent waterfalls, colorful-fish, and its magnolias jungles and mountains. Don’t forget the delectable Thai cuisine.

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Choosing accommodation can be tough – whether you are looking at beach bungalows or gorgeous luxury treehouse villas. Visitors can immerse themselves in cultural experiences, inspiring temples, and making memorable experiences in the magical land – The Land of Smiles.

Visiting Thailand’s dreamy treehouse villas is certainly something you would want to miss on your bucket list. Thailand’s treehouse villas ooze luxury, nestled amidst nature and tranquility – something truly remarkable. 

Tree Top Villas

9 Best Tree House Thailand Villas

Thailand… Just the name itself conjures images of tropical rainforests, dazzling picture-postcard beaches, and glistening warm waters. Stick with this list of treehouse villas for an unforgettable experience with a picture-perfect view in Thailand’s treetop canopies.

Koh Yao Noi Resort TreeHouse

Koh Yao Noi Resort TreeHouse

The Koh Yao Noi TreeHouse Villas are extraordinary. A 5-star private oasis situated on the northern tip of Koh Yao Noi island between Krabi and Phuket islands. It is one of Thailand’s last unspoiled islands. This hidden gem is nestled amongst lush greenery; a stone’s throw away from the ocean. It’s absolutely breathtaking. 

The treehouse villas Koh Yao Noi is an adults-only luxury resort offering complete opulence painted in jungle hues of green, on a pristine private beach. Each TreeHouse provides guests with both an upstairs and a downstairs area.  

The treehouses are 100-square-meters of pure magnificence. Guests can relax downstairs on an outdoor deck-area with a private plunge pool or bask under the Thai sun on a sunbed. Also downstairs is a stand-up bar and a dining area. 

Upstairs offers a luxurious, air-conditioned bedroom with a king bed. It also has a jungle shower, a hammock, and a spacious bathroom, with a private balcony overlooking Phang Nga Bay. 

Each villa at the resort has its own incredible private sea view. Guests can enjoy private in-villa dining, yoga, excursions on the island, and the top-notch spa. Koh Yao Noi accommodation offers a notably unique luxury stay. 

Room Rent per Night starting at $338

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keemala villas

Keemala is a 5-star luxury resort secluded amidst the trees on a popular island in Phuket, a famous island amongst tourists for both its beaches and forests. 

This luxury accommodation offers several remarkable types of villa rooms. There are “birds nest” villas and various treehouse villas. Each villa is private, including a private balcony, a bathroom, a secluded treetop plunge pool, and a TV. Other facilities include a gorgeous on-site restaurant,  bar, and luxury spa. 

This enchanting resort provides its visitors with a unique stay high in the treetops of Phuket’s forests, a place to relax and experience a slice of heaven. Staying in this spectacular resort will undoubtedly be a highlight of your trip. 

Room Rent per Night starting at $517

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Khao Sok Tree House Resort

Khao Sok TreeHouse

Khao Sok boasts towering mountains, a stunning lake, and the world’s oldest forest. The treetops Khao Sok resort offers stunning jungle treehouses. Some treehouses stand 15 meters above the ground – not even Tarzan got that kind of style.

The treetop resort is constructed around nature, consisting of gorgeous wooden tree houses. The ultimate eco-friendly resort. Planning a romantic stay? No problem – they have beautiful villas for two. 

Planning a family trip? They have villas that can accommodate up to ten people at a time. Each treehouse has its private bathroom – meaning you won’t have to make late-night trips into the jungle. 

The resort provides a restaurant serving both divine Thai and Western foods, a lounge, and a swimming pool. Guests can opt to book jungle outing tours to suit their interests. 

Room Rent per Night starting $44

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Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort is situated in one of Thailand’s most tranquil premier places, Chiang Mai. It’s located in Baan Pasak, a small village 70 kilometers away from the city’s attractions. It’s a fantastic place for visitors wanting to experience the wonders of nature around every corner. 

This family-run accommodation offers dreamy tree houses that sit amongst a teak forest, each having its unique feel and style. All treehouses have a private balcony and bathroom. The resort offers Western-style breakfasts and a selection of Thai cuisines. 

The Rabeang Pasak Treehouse is filled with charming features and spectacular views of the Chiang Mai forest. 

Room Rent per Night starting $248

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Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree House accommodation offers an entirely new experience and the perfect escape from Thailand’s Capital City, Bangkok. Bangkok is known for its bustling mind-blowing city life, full of energy. 

Tourists look for amazing Hostels in Bangkok or luxury hotels. However, Bangkok Treehouse gives you an entirely new experience tucked away in the forest,  away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s chaos. It’s situated amidst the marshland and fruit plantations of Phra Pradaeng. 

There are twelve ‘nests’ scattered over the rooftops of trees, giving you some strikingly beautiful views. Some of the rooms are open-air rooms where guests sleep in the canopy of the trees that put you right above the river. This resort gives you flawless beauty and tranquility, a perfect place to relax. 

Room Rent per Night starting $128

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Six Senses Samui

Six Senses Resort

The Six Senses Samui is a 5-star resort relocated in Phang Nga Bay, on an exquisite Thai island. The resort itself is large, covering over 20 acres of forests. 

The luxury villas offer an unconventional approach when it comes to houses in the trees. The accommodation sits snuggled on high stilts amongst the tree branches – giving you the impression of a treehouse.

The resort blends into the island’s landscape, built using natural materials. The bedrooms and bathrooms are private and spacious, each with a private infinity pool towering above the forests.  Private messages can be arranged on your terrace’s sunbeds. Other resort features include a gym, a private beach, restaurants, bars, and a luxury spa. Can it get any better? 

Room Rent per Night starting $661

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Pai Treehouse Resort

Pai Treehouse Resort

Pai Treehouse Resort is located in a delightful town of Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand. It gives you complete serenity and a laid-back feel. Guests have a variety of choices when choosing accommodation at Pai Treehouse. There are wooden villas on stilts and other room types.  

The resort caters to different budget types, suitable for everyone, such as private en-suite rooms and private rooms with shared bathrooms. 

Each rustic room has a fan, a TV, and a fridge. At the resort, there is a restaurant, massage services, and a sauna. For pets who need a vacation – they are welcomed too. The resort offers different excursions to explore the magical landscapes in Northern Thai. This resort offers complete serenity away from the hustle, back in nature. 

Room Rent per Night starting $29

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Rock and Treehouse Resort

Rock and Treehouse Resort

This resort is located just 5-minutes from the Khao Sok National park. The Rock and Treehouse Resort offers unique accommodation situated in the heart of the jungle. Surrounded by lush forests, trees, and stunning gardens – frequently visited by monkeys. 

The villa rooms are air-conditioned and offer free WiFi, a refrigerator, a TV, and en-suite bathrooms. There is an on-site restaurant offering Thai and international dishes. 

The resort offers various facilities and outdoor activities such as walking and hiking tours and canoeing. There are two swimming pools and wellness facilities, onsite. 

Room Rent per Night starting $82

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Soneva Kiri

Soneva Kiri Resort

Soneva Kiri sits remotely on Thailand’s fourth-largest island, Koh Kood, in Trat Province. This stunning resort may be on one of the largest islands, but is the least populated. It’s surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and soothing palm trees. Fringed by glistening beaches with incredible views of the warm ocean, in the Gulf of Siam. 

This resort is tastefully designed to complement Thailand’s beautiful landscapes. Soneva Kiri is the epitome of luxury. Guests can get to the resort by the resorts private plane from Bangkok – also, the resort is just an hour boat ride from Cambodia. 

The Soneva Kiri may not be your “accurate treehouse” as it is built on high stilts constructed around existing trees. However, you still get the same feel, experience, and views as one would get in a treehouse built in a tree – without interfering with nature. 

Each exquisite villa provides a private bathroom with a shower and bath, a TV, and a DVD player. The resort has facilities on sites such as tennis courts, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and an open-air cinema. 

Soneva Kiri provides its guests with villas of up to 6 bedrooms, a unique play area shaped in a manta ray for children — accommodating its guest’s needs, giving you the ultimate experience of a tropical beach holiday.

Room Rent per Night starting $1,000

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Why Is Tree House Accommodation So Popular?

As the name already says, Treehouse villas are constructed around trees, high above their canopies. They are designed around the love of the environment, the enchantress of nature, allowing you to rediscover your inner childhood. 

They are based in the treetops, along mountain ridges and slopes or on the coastlines fringe. These stunning Treehouse villas have become ever so popular, for both romantics and families. The perfect getaway from the well-trodden tourist life.

But Did You Know The Following About Thailand?

  • Thailand is home to one of the tiniest mammals in the world, the bumblebee bat. Also, the largest fish is found in the Thai waters, the whale shark.
  • There are an estimated 40,717 temples in Thailand. Of that, 33,902 are currently in use. Visiting them requires modest clothing. 
  • A tenth of the world’s animal species calls Thailand home
  • Thailand is one of the world’s largest traders of orchids – and for a good reason. The orchid is Thailand’s national flower. There are over 1,500 orchid species found thriving in Thailand’s forests. 
  • Bangkok, Thailand’s Capital City, was dubbed the world’s hottest city!
  • Thailand has approximately 1,430 islands. 
  • Red Bull found its roots in Thailand from the famous energy drink locals drank named Krating Daeng. 
  • As a foreigner, you know Bangkok as “Bangkok,” but its original Thai name is the longest name of a place in the world.
  • The late King of Thailand was the longest reigning king in the world. Unfortunately, he passed away in October 2016. The Thai people mourned his death for one year.

Final Thoughts On Treehouse Villas in Thailand


Thailand offers a complete serene getaway experience. Whether you’re on one of its phenomenal beaches, castaway on one of its islands, or sitting high above the treetops, listening to birds chirping and watching monkeys swinging.  

Guests can feel a world away from busy modern life and well-trodden visitor attractions – a sense of seclusion and tranquility amongst nature. Thailand is by far, a favorite destination to travel, and for a good reason. 

These treehouse villas are the epitome of picturesque getaways and bringing adventure and soothing relaxation. Trekking through the exotic countryside, imprinting footsteps on the gorgeous beaches on a tropical island. 

Book to stay at one of these stellar tree houses for an enjoyable experience, in complete privacy, and immersed in nature. Find yourself a Thailand Villa Resort in the tree canopies.

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