5 Bubble Hotels With A Fantastic Star View

Bubble hotels are unique places to stay in. These are generally outdoor camping tents with transparent rooftops. If you really want to enjoy staying in an outdoor area, bubble hotels are probably the best choice. The uniqueness is, you get unobstructed views of the clear night sky and can enjoy its beauty. You also get stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. These hotels are transparent huts offering you great views. There are various types of bubble hotels like desert dooms, cocoons, etc. Over here is a list of the best bubble hotels with star view that gives you a unique staying experience.

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The best bubble hotels with Star Views around the world

Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

Campera Bubble Hotel Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country to visit and a hot-spot tourist destination. Mexico is internationally famous for its wine production. There are lots of vineyards surrounded by stunning greenery. The Campera Hotel Burbuja is a beautiful bubble hotel situated inside the lush green valley of Guadaloupe. This property doesn’t have any traditional guest rooms but there are around 10 beautiful bubble rooms. These rooms are equipped with all modern amenities like beds, bathrooms, etc. The beauty of staying in this bubble hotel is amazing natural views. At night you get an unforgettable view of the stars. The experience of staying in these open-air hotels is absolutely unique. Sleeping under millions of glittering stars in the sky is absolutely unique.

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Bubble tent Australia, Australia

Bubble tent Australia

Australia is known as a land of diversified beauty. Bubble tent Australia gives a unique staying experience by allowing you to sleep under the stars. This beautiful Australian retreat is conveniently located at the hilltop that overlooks the Capertee Valley. You get breathtaking surrounding scenic views of the valleys and mountains. The Capertee Valley is also the second-largest canyon in the world located around 125 miles on the northwest part of Sydney. There are three transparent tents from where you get stunning views if the starts on a clear night sky. These tents were named as the constellations of Leo, Cancer and Virgo after the name of the stars. Rooms are equipped with all modern amenities like hot tubs and comfy day beds to give you a luxurious staying experience. The kitchenette is always stocked with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. You even enjoy grilling the marshmallows over the outdoor fire.

Finn Lough Bubble Domes, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a place with diversified stunning scenic beauty. It is one of the popular tourist’s destinations where millions of travellers visit each year. The Finn Lough Bubble Domes are some amazing bubble hotels located in the Northern Ireland jungles with stunning scenic beauty. This hotel is beautifully located in the middle of the stunning wilderness to give you an amazing feeling. These are transparent domes through which you can enjoy clear views of the night sky and enjoy watching stars. The Finn Lough is actually a luxurious resort that includes a spa, restaurant and large luxurious rooms. However, these domes offer amazing amenities for staying like its luxurious hotel. You can sleep in a beautiful four-poster bed under millions of glittering stars in the open sky. The domes also offer amenities like hotel robe, slippers, coffee machine, etc. It is definitely one of the best bubble hotels with star views to stay and enjoy.

Aire de Bardenas, Spain

Spain is popular for many reasons from its culture, food and natural attractions. If you are planning to enjoy a Spanish holiday in a unique way, stay in Aire de Bardenas. This beautiful bubble hotel has a show-stopping backdrop. It is located on the edge of Bardenas Reales Natural Park in southeast Navarre. The entire area has stunning natural beauty and nestled between sandstone outcrops and rolling wheat fields. These transparent hotels give stunning views of the surrounding nature. You can stay over here to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding dramatic landscape. In terms of comfort, the hotel is featured with all ultra-modern amenities like prefab pods, outdoor hot tubs, etc.

Attrap'Rêves, France

Attrap'Rêves, France​

France is undoubtedly a nice place to visit. This beautiful bubble hotel is nestled between the pine forest in the beautiful countryside of Marseille. There are five bubble hotels where you can enjoy sleeping under a million stars. This beautiful property was created by popular french designer, Pierre Stephane Dumas. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities like large beds, coffee machines, etc. Staying in this bubble hotel you can enjoy ultimate comfort. The bubble rooms are located at a short distance from the hotel. An outdoor Jacuzzi and restaurant serve amazing food in open to make your stay exciting.

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Final Verdict

Staying in bubble hotels is a unique way to enjoy your holiday. These are transparent domes offering breathtaking views of the surrounding scenic beauty. Under the clear sky at night, you get views of glittering stars. Enjoy these views and sleep under the blanket of millions of stars and other celestial bodies. There are many bubble hotels around the world. Stay in these five bubble hotels with star views as they are highly recommended.

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