Glamping Colombia: 10 Best Bubble Hotels

Colombia is quickly becoming a hot destination spot for travelers. And for backpackers, especially. Many visitors want affordable accommodation that is also unique and comfortable. This is where the “bubble hotel” comes in. A stay in a bubble hotel is glamping at its finest. Here are the 10 best glamping experiences in Colombia.

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Glamping: What are the best Bubble Hotels in Colombia?

Bubblesky, El Retiro

Bubblesky, El Retiro Glamping Colombia

Enjoy a deluxe bubble in the trees. Each air-conditioned bubble is equipped with a semi-orthopedic mattress, outdoor jacuzzi, and mesh canopy for lounging in the sun. Recognize your personal “zen” and be one with nature as you gaze out at the night sky in your clear bubble tent. Along with a canopied bed, each unit comes with comfortable egg-shaped lounge chairs, outdoor eating table with umbrella, lounge chairs and private bathroom. At night, warm up to the fire with your own firepit. Enjoy the view of the valley below you from anywhere you look.

Glamping Mirador Del Magdalena, Burbujas – Isnos -Huila

Mirador Del Magdalena, Burbujas – Isnos -Huila

These bubbles are truly magic! Here you are surrounded by nature with views of the Magdelena River at your feet. Stay in a brightly-colored bubble, then walk out and enjoy a soaking pool and lounge chairs just outside your door. It is private, it is romantic – the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. Awaken to the sounds of the water nearby, and enjoy breakfast the next morning. Each bubble includes a private bathroom, air conditioning and mini fridge. There is a private terrace for sunbathing and an outdoor dining room.

Finn Lough Bubble Domes_irland2

The Best Bubble Hotels With Star Views

Are you looking for a unique holiday experience? Check out these fantastic bubble hotels with view that will leave you speechless.

Glamho resort, Burbuja Verde- Guarne- Antioquia

Glamho resort, Burbuja Verde- Guarne- Antioquia

The same wonderful Glamho resort, this time with a blue-tinted bubble! As always at this resort, a hot tub and free Wifi are included. Each bubble unit has air conditioning and a seating and/or dining area. Sleep under millions of stars as you look out from your secluded bubble in nature. A private bathroom, BBQ, small fridge and breakfast is included. The tented camp serves a la carte breakfast every morning, and also has a terraced garden for your enjoyment.

Glamping Glamho resort, Burbuja Azul- Guarne- Antioquia

Glamho resort, Burbuja Azul- Guarne- Antioquia

The same wonderful Glamho resort, this time with a blue-tinted bubble! As always at this resort, a hot tub and free Wifi are included. Each bubble unit has air conditioning and a seating and/or dining area. Sleep under millions of stars as you look out from your secluded bubble in nature. A private bathroom, BBQ, small fridge and breakfast is included. The tented camp serves a la carte breakfast every morning, and also has a terraced garden for your enjoyment.

Glamping Aldebaran Duitama- Boyacá

Aldebaran Duitama- Boyacá

Here is your chance for wonderful dome camping in Duitama, which is 17 km from Paipa. Aldebaran offers this glamping opportunity with access to a garden. There is even free Wifi! The dome includes a fully-equipped private bathroom with a shower, plus toiletries. Breakfast is served every morning (American style) in the communal tented camp. There is a terrace available to guests, and you can play darts at the property, or go cycling and explore your surroundings. Since this is a farm, you will also have some sheep and goats as potential neighbors!

Glamping Colombia – Guatavita -Cundinamarca

Glamping Colombia – Guatavita -Cundinamarca

One hour away from Bogota, but near enough to the city to be accessible, enjoy the peace and quiet of glamping. This space is private and comfortable. You will enjoy accommodations in a dome, right in the middle of a memorable natural landscape, with experiences that will revitalize and awaken you. Here you will enjoy your own private bathroom with hot water. Breakfast is available at an additional cost.

Glamping Bajo El Cielo – Guatavita – Cundinamarca

Bajo El Cielo – Guatavita – Cundinamarca

At 67 km from El Dorado Airport, it is easy to get away from it all with a glamping experience, and still live close enough to civilization for it to be easy. The Bajo el Cielo glamping experience includes free Wifi, and guests can enjoy a restaurant, bar and terrace at the main camp. An a la carte breakfast is available each morning. Guests can enjoy such activities as cycling and hiking, then come back to their private oasis under the open sky. Each dome has comfortable bedding and a separate private bath.

Domo Del Lago – Lago Tota- Boyacá – Domo Junior

Domo Del Lago – Lago Tota- Boyacá – Domo Junior

At the Domo Del Lago, one can disengage from the city and surround themselves with nature, at a camping site with true glamour. The hexagonal domes are built on stilts and offer private relaxation and tranquility, with the added promise of adventure. Sleep under the stars, then awaken the next morning to a beautiful view of Lake Tota-Boyaca. Each dome has a private bathroom, Wifi, and a fire pit. Enjoy a glass of complimentary mulled wine or other hot drink. A game room is available at the main camp.

Entre Montañas Tocancipá – Cundinamarca

Entre Montañas Tocancipá – Cundinamarca

Enjoy glamping in between mountains, with the comforts and luxuries of a hotel blended in with escapism of a camping adventure. Take a rest from the city in your tented dome, with a separate private bathroom, hot water and breakfast included. Take a free guided walk and explore the nearby surroundings. For an extra fee, enjoy such activities as sail boating, paragliding, or therapeutic yoga classes.

Glamping La Cima – Buenavista- Quindío

Glamping La Cima – Buenavista- Quindío

A father and son team who wanted to show the world one of the most magical and beautiful spots in the world, were inspired to create a glamping experience unique to Colombia. They created an Eco-hotel to offer lodging in a new and creative way. Their hexagonal bubble tents gave way to a glamping experience in the Buenavista Quindio like no other. With private bathrooms, jacuzzi tub, BBQ grill and breakfast included, it is truly an oasis out in nature. Additional activities are offered at extra cost, such as paragliding and Cabalgata (horseback riding).

The Allure of Glamping in Colombia

Glamping in Colombia provides an exquisite blend of natural beauty and opulence, allowing guests to stay in remote and breathtaking locations while enjoying all the amenities of a luxury resort. From eco-pods and safari tents to treehouses and bubble domes, each glamping site offers a unique way to experience Colombia’s stunning environments up close and personal. This form of travel caters to those who wish to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature in a comfortable and stylish setting.

Why Choose Glamping in Colombia?

Eco-Friendly: Many glamping sites in Colombia are committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials, solar power, and water conservation methods to minimize their environmental impact.

Cultural Immersion: This type of accommodation provides an opportunity to experience Colombia’s rich culture and biodiversity. Many sites offer cultural tours, cooking classes, and interactions with local communities.

Seclusion and Privacy: These unique sites are often situated in secluded locations, offering peace and privacy. It’s an ideal way to escape the crowds and enjoy Colombia’s natural beauty in solitude or with loved ones.

Tips for Planning Your Glamping Trip in Colombia

  • Book in Advance: Glamping sites in Colombia can fill up quickly, especially in peak tourist seasons. Book well in advance to secure your spot.
  • Pack Accordingly: While these camp sites offer luxury amenities, it’s important to pack for the outdoors. Bring comfortable hiking shoes, insect repellent, and appropriate clothing for varying temperatures.
  • Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers outdoor activities to ensure peace of mind during your adventure.

Unique Glamping Experiences in Colombia

1. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: Nestled in the world’s highest coastal mountain range, glamping sites here offer unparalleled views of snow-capped peaks, dense jungles, and indigenous communities. Guests can explore ancient archaeological sites, hike through cloud forests, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the mountains.

2. Tayrona National Park: Known for its beautiful beaches and biodiverse rainforest, Tayrona offers luxury tented camps where guests can fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to stunning sea views. Activities include snorkeling, hiking, and bird watching.

3. Coffee Region (Eje Cafetero): Stay in a luxury geodesic dome or a posh treehouse among the rolling hills of Colombia’s coffee plantations. Learn about coffee production, enjoy spa treatments infused with coffee, and soak in hot springs surrounded by lush landscapes.

4. Amazon Rainforest: For an adventurous glamping experience, the Colombian Amazon offers eco-friendly lodges and luxury tents deep within the jungle. Embark on guided tours to observe exotic wildlife, visit indigenous tribes, and canoe through serene waterways.

5. Caribbean Coast: Experience glamping in style on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, where you can stay in chic yurts or beachfront cabanas. Enjoy private beaches, coral reef diving, and the vibrant culture of the Caribbean.

With magnificent landscapes and incredible beauty, come see why Colombia is one of the world’s premier destinations for glamping under the stars.

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