3 Stunning Water Bungalows Tahiti

Tahiti is French Polynesian’s most famous island. This island is so beautiful that it is nicknamed as ‘Fantasy Island.’ It is an ideal destination for newlyweds and honeymoon couples because of the island’s exquisite romantic setup. You can find many couples visiting Tahiti on a special romantic occasion like a honeymoon or anniversary to celebrate their togetherness. This tropical Eden has an azure hue. It is so beautiful that worlds often run short describing its natural beauty. It is a perfect relaxing gateway and the water bungalows are ideal for that. You can stay in these water bungalows which are set right over the clear blue lagoon. Spend time with your beloved enjoying nature or relax on the beach during your stay. Over here is a list of three stunning water bungalows Tahiti to give you an ultimate relaxing retreat.

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But did you know?

  • Tahiti is actually not a single island. It is a group of 118 islands often known as ‘Her Islands.’
  • The letter ‘b’ is missing in the Tahitian alphabet.
  • Archery was considered as a sacred sport in ancient Tahiti.
  • The world’s only island free from any snake or poisonous insects.
  • The tattoo is a part of Polynesian culture, and the English name is also derived from the Tahitian word ‘tatau.’

Having said so, let us find out in details about the beautiful water bungalows Tahiti.

The top 3 stunning water bungalows Tahiti

The Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Spa

The Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Spa​

The Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Spa is a beautiful water bungalow located on the shores of a sheltered lagoon. It is also South Pacific’s first resort with a grand setup. This luxurious property has over 250 rooms. The property also features more than 30 water bungalows. The water bungalows are perched perfectly at the edge of the water. The rooms are elegantly decorated in traditional styles. You can choose either the garden view rooms or the lagoon view rooms. However, these bungalows are arranged in two sections featuring traditional and modern décor. The property has two infinity pools, hot tubs and offers a stunning view over the lagoon. Several water sports are available for you to enjoy like Jet Ski and snorkelling. Don’t forget tasting French cuisine at the Le Lotus restaurant. The underwater is clearly visible from the top giving stunning views of the coral gardens. Beach water sports like snorkelling and kayaking are popular. The property also has a large outdoor pool for you to enjoy. An open-air spa and a poolside tiki bar are a part of this stunning luxurious property. The overwater bungalows are a great Sunset viewing point. The rooms have polished mahogany and wooden terrace inside. Staying in this luxurious property gives a unique experience. It is indeed one of the best stunning water bungalows Tahiti.

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Tahiti la Ora Beach Resort

Tahiti la Ora Beach Resort​

These beautiful water bungalows are set right on the blue lagoon giving a picturesque view of the surrounding. The blue sky and the tranquil lagoon water give the most romantic feeling you ever had. This property has around 12 water bungalows. It is a 4-star rated property giving you top-end luxury and comfort. Each of these individual bungalows is large with balconies that give you a stunning view of the surrounding nature. There is a huge list of activities and excursions available for you to enjoy during your stay in this stunning property. All the rooms feature deluxe amenities and beautiful furnishings that gives you a mesmerizing staying experience. It is also located on the main island of Tahiti giving easy access to the surrounding bars and restaurants. You can also enjoy a large number of cultural activities during your stay. The property is located near to the airport that gives easy access. It is a perfect place to spend time with your beloved in the most romantic hue. Stay in this overwater bungalow and spend some memorable time with your loved ones. Be it anniversary or honeymoon, Tahiti la Ora Beach Resort is equally popular for all special occasions.

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Le Meridien Tahiti/Bora Bora

Le Meridien properties are world-famous, and it is of no exception in Tahiti. This amazing water bungalow is set in a beautiful location surrounded by stunning greenery. The property is surrounded by a nice flower garden and freshwater pond that gives an amazing tropical ambience. All the rooms are uniquely designed with all ultra-modern furnishing and bright colour scheme. All thatched-roofed water bungalows have balconies where you can stand and view the stunning surrounding coral gardens. There is a large outdoor pool set for you to relax. You also get snorkelling and kayaking equipment for free to explore the surrounding reefs and bays. There is a business centre to facilitate all travellers. You can rejuvenate yourself in the open-air spa taking a variety of Spa treatments. You also find a poolside tiki bar. The property features two restaurants serving creative French and Polynesian fusion cuisines. The sunset views over the lagoon give an overwhelming experience to all guests staying in this stunning water bungalow. So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning to visit Tahiti, stay in this breathtaking overwater bungalow and enjoy your holiday.

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Final Verdict

Tahiti is undoubtedly a floating piece of paradise. It is always a unique experience to stay in the overwater bungalows and enjoy your holiday. It is not only a luxury retreat but a unique experience indeed. You need to know in details about the accessibility, features, food, amenities, etc. before you book them. Here are the top three well-researched property in Tahiti. You can book and stay in these beautiful water bungalows spending romantic moments with your beloved.

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